Hayahay Gubat Surfing camp 2013

March 27-31.2013.definitely date saved.

Summer is here again!

My hometown in Gubat, Sorsogon is once known for beach bumming only during summer in the kilometric beach bays of Rizal, Buenavista and Ariman. But recently, its becoming known for the the monster waves along Buenavista and Ariman bays that we used to fear of gulping swimmers and now a great playground for daredevil wave surfers and Gubat Bay Surfers Inc, a local based surfer group, is helping out in promoting it as a surfing destination in the country hopefully.

Surf ‘n Skim in Gubat


(^^photo credit: Paula Peralejo)


^^photo credit: Jojo Pauly


^^photo credit: Paula Peralejo

These local surfers’ group, headed byBidge Villarroy and Noli Mercader, where Bidge brought surfing to Gubat, managed to hold free surf clinics for surfing enthusiasts in our town, with only donated old boards. The group was able to hold surf and skim camps for the past 2 years  on their own and little support from some kind-hearted people who believed on their mission: to promote surfing tourism in our sleepy little hometown and to help kids improve their studies by getting free surfing lessons and ride if they’ll make sure they’ll be good in school too!

And  for almost 5 year, Bidge able to lobby for Gubat to have its own wave forecast page in magicseaweed.com, along with famed surfing destinations in the country! check it out :


Never mind if its categorized under Catanduanes, we will deal with it later.hhahahah😉


^^photo credit: townmate Kane Sniper.March 2013


^^photo credit: townmate Kane Sniper.March 2013


^^photo credit: townmate Kane Sniper.March 2013

Also, after the group’s initiated effort to be recognized by the provincial Tourism Council, finally their lobby paid well when the Bicol Tourism regional council Director Maria Ravanilla personally visited their surf spot and brought 4 brand new boards for them! Finally! ^_^


L to R: Gubat Mayor Ronnel Lim, DOT Bicol Regional Dir. Maria Ravanilla, Buenavista Captain Embile and Gubat Bay Surfer’s founder,Bidge Villarroya

^^photo credit: Xtian


MOA signing

^^photo credit: Xtian


turnover ceremony of brand new boards to Gubat Bay Surfers

photo credits: Xtian


I wish our Tourism council won’t stop supporting local groups like this that promotes sustainable tourism in small towns.

And finally, to test these boards, GBS,together with Burugkos, launched another thrilling event to kick off the summer heat!!!

Come all on March 27-31, 2013 at Buenavista bay area as we bum in the sand, watch the sunrise and the sunset and the daredevils as they play and ride on those monster waves!

 photo courtesy:f Noli Mercader






BUT wait there’s more!!! ^_^


Lets go! waves, bring it on! ^_^


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