8th summit: Mt. Balagbag

masl: about 770 +

jumpoff:Licao-Licao jeep terminal in Sito Karahume,Brgy.Macabud,Rodriguez,Rizal

status: successful trek with great weather!

February 17, 2013

Fine, Im guilty. I’ve used an umbrella almost the whole trekking time! hahahhaha . I’m a mountaineer at heart  and I love the outdoors and the sun so please don’t judge me that fast.🙂

We had to do the little outreach we impromptly thought about doing in early morning. So it was my first to trek during noon time. The sun was so proud and has strongly glared on us like he is really the King of the Earth’s universe..heheheh..


(^^photo credit: Mar Shi)

Plus the trail is sooo bare with trees I could just count them in my hands. So without these shades plus walking on a very,very hot day,plus I think my contact lenses is adding discomfort to my eyes.

Result is:I had migraine. I tried wearing my sunglasses but that didnt help. The umbrella does magic to give shades to my wrinkling eyes and forehead because everything seem to be glaring! Thanks Milo for your umbrella! hahahahha

Lesson learned: Trek on early morning or might as well,bring an umbrella,so what, right? ahahhaha :p


(^^ photo credit: Iris Batuigas)


(^^photographed by Milo Ramos Jr; Camera by: Joanna Grace)


Anyway.Thanks mam Mar Shi for the invite to serve even in small ways. Thanks for taking this initiative,and even it was just an impromptu idea,it made difference to the 12 kiddos we met in the area. Also, our climb made a difference of not just climbing for fun,just for ourselves, but also it causes big smiles to the small barrio kids…

Thanks Milo O. Ramos Jr. & Jenny Espeno for responding to my late notice. Thanks for sharing with us our passions of simple community service and of course, mountaineering! yeah! lets do this more!

Thanks to the new friends we’ve met, Yuri Ishida, Iris Batuigas, Jhoanna Grace, Bel,Shane,Jelds,Jed,Gen & Dom,way to go guyz!


Got invited to an impromptu idea of “BaLOVEbag” by mam Mar Shi,her idea of fun climb in Mt. Balagbag and bringing something for the kids in the community as a love offering to celebrate post-Valentines day.

I can say,this was the first time I joined an impromptu service but I’ve said yes of going and just go with the flow. Being a community service organizer myself, I’m normally OC, that sometimes I put myself and the people around me, unfortunately, in great pressure just to make sure everything is in place..hahahahah.. Im sorry to those I’ve bugged & hurt..really I do..

But when I joined this, its soo liberating to be calm even things went wrong. 


Also, what inspired me most is the idea of giving something to the community who lives around the area where we go and have our climbing adventures.Its like we just dont pass by this community and proceed to the mountains we wanted to climb BUT also smiling at them,esp at kids, talking to them, taking time to be with them, sharing goodies with them, story telling to them, giving small gifts to them and really interacting with them..

This was what happened to us last sunday,Feb.17. Its good thing the community’s health center was opened so we saw the Brgy. Police volunteer and we happened to see 12 elementary kiddos around the area, ambushed them for some story telling and games w/ goodies prizes and gave them out our love offering gifts of some school supplies the group have brought before proceeding to our fun climb.

I don’t wanna sound pious or pure-saintly person coz I’m a sinner, I curse,in fact,a lot, and so imperfect in many ways, but my passion is service,real service to the community, not a service to gain fame, for fame wont feed me, it in fact gave me lots of heartaches coz im normally misjudged.


for years of volunteering, I wasnt paid a thing here but instead spent my own hard earned money to serve. But the great fulfilment in my soul, in my heart, in my mind is priceless.

Try to really,really serve with all your heart w/o expecting anything in return and you’ll see what Im talking about. If you dont get it,then, just let me be.

The simple activity also gave me lots of firsts that i didnt have in my 7 previous climbs: to trek w/ an umbrella ( hahahhaah coz of sun’s too much glare gave me migraine, coz we trekked by noontime hahahah :p) first to climb w/ a little outreach in the community..first to see an almost dried up falls..tsk.tsk.tsk. first to rock climb the falls’ rock wall(of course since its all dried up😀 )


The trail was gradual,open and established,though rough. I’ve seen lots of bikers that day and learned its a fave biking trail. And also, I wished I have a motorcross big bike so I can ride on those rough road just like the riders we met on the way home. would be a great delight for me!😀

As a mountain trekker though, I’m quite sad that its almost bare with trees. I wished serious, really serious tree planting will be implemented there.

I got surprised too that we entered an old metal large gate with barbed wires on areas that look liked someone owns it. and yes,we’ve learned its already a private property.

Mountains now can be bought.at what price? really felt sad here.

a3 a6 a7 a15 a22 a23 a25

From the peak area, we can see ranges of mountains, the skyscapers in Ortigas & Makati Area, even Manila Bay, scraped mountain that I assume to be converted into housing area, the small sitio of Balagbag where we came from,smokes from whatever is burning in some parts of the mountains.

I saw locals bringing sacks of wood charcoal. I could only assumed nothing but its definitely from trees coming from those areas. I just wished they plant tree seedlings and take care of them as the replacement of the trees being cut.

But the most beautiful sight I behold was the torquoise blue river I saw  from the small kubo near the peak.

The Ipo Watershed was so beautiful from our location that I wanted to trek down going its way.


picture below: La Mesa Watershed

pictures below: IPO Watershed



picture below: Mt. Oriod


I saw a beautiful mountain too from the peak that we dont recognize and later learned from Sir Fredd Ochavo,its Mt. Oriod, and I saw from a distance what seems to be the proud Mt. Arayat.

The fun and laughter on the trails with friends,mostly new, made my trek memorable though. It made me appreciate more the trails.

Also,even we got sad coz the falls had almost dried up, I got thrilled to have my first rock climbing on the falls’ rock wall! hahahahha Delight! really, I was just curious where the water comes from above and I was imagining how the water flows and falls.


picture below: the topmost part of the falls


picture below: the almost dried falls


Its a great plus when you’re with people who are positive and don’t look at the negatives but focus on something beautiful and dwell on small things that brings great delight to the heart. its just wonderful!

We went home all feeling tired but the laughters continued while onboard the jeepney.

Now this what really matters.🙂


(^^photo courtesy: Milo Ramos Jr.)

picture below: view from the Peak!!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 14:12:53

    Thanks mam Emm! This blog of yours brought back soooo many GOOD MEMORIES that I will surely TREASURE for the rest of my life.. I will never forget the place, the experience and of course the people I was with. Am SUPER DUPER HAPPY that day. Sarap sa pakiramdam lahat ng naganap..😀


    • emmthepinaytrekker
      Mar 14, 2013 @ 16:26:17

      Thanks much! same here! the laughters kahit nkapayong ako at super init,memorable..dear someone,do u have a name?hahahhaha :p


  2. jhoannagrace
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 18:18:35

    ay! si Jhoanna Grace po ako.. ahahahha… I miss you mam Emm!❤ Hope to climb with you again very very soon..😀


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