7th summit: Mt. Batulao

masl: 811

jumpoff: Everest,Nasugbu,Batangas

status: to be revenged (my 4th after Mts. Bulusan,Maculot & Tapulao)


had a 2-day fun climb.tnx Milo Ramos Jr.  for tagging me along.. tnx Milo & Ken Mataya for letting me use your pictures  ^_^

we literally trekked via new trail on almost on TOP,yes, on top of rolling hills going to our base camp. also we trekked on narrow mountain edges, yes again, EDGES, on lots of parts of the trek that we need to trek on single line and really really have to balance ourselves and rely on grasses and rocks to keep from being blown away down to the cliffs by the strong gust of wind..



(^^ photo credit: Ken Mataya)


(^^photo credit: Milo Ramos Jr.)


17 16 14 4 1


(^^photo credit:Milo Ramos Jr.)

had a great sunset watching but sunrise was aloof.

5 9 7 6 8 10

the night was really,really cold, made more possible by the gusty wind..too bad i forgot to bring a thermometer to measure the actual cold temperature but compared to my previous office’s company of having 18 degree-Celsius room temperature, my say is, the night’s cold at Mt.Batulao was way more colder,perhaps it was about 16 degree-Celsius.

lesson learned: dont forget to bring a thermometer to avoid estimating or guessing..hahahah😀

met new great mountaineering friends and had great food & tent accomodation,courtesy of sir Ako Si Jalaman of wowtrippers.

tnx for taking care of us! ^_^

i was just a little sad coz we didnt have a great clearing from the 360 degree viewdeck on top of the mountain.


(^^photo credit: Milo Ramos Jr.)



(^^photo credit: Ken Mataya)


(^^photo credit: Milo Ramos Jr.)


(^^photo credit: Milo Ramos Jr.)


(^^photo credit: Milo Ramos Jr.)

.i honestly considered of going back again to the top from our base camp because the whole area cleared just after we got back to our camp..shoot! i wanted to run up to the peak but then it wud take an almost 1 & a half hours,back & forth, and i dont wanna cause any trouble to my group so i just silently accept the fact I can never have it all at once in there..hahahha..so i shall return for a revenge! yey! overall, the trek was great! another wonderful date with the mountain it is!


(^^photo credit: Milo Ramos Jr.)


(^^photo credit: Milo Ramos Jr.)


(^^photo credit:Ken Mataya)



(^^photo credit: Milo Ramos Jr.)


(^^photo credit: Milo Ramos Jr.)


(^^photo credit: Ken Mataya)

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