Madlum Caving and river picnic

27th province of the Philippines I’ve visited

Bulacan in San Miguel

January 19,2013

 part 2

part 1 here>>> 6th summit: Mt. Manalmon





After a landscape romance on top of  Mt.Manalmon, we signed up ourselves on a  caving adventure!

Bayukbok Cave gave us a taste of  little rappelling ( I really wished the rock wall was much higher),  a little climbing up on a moving rope ladder ( I honestly imagined it like the suspended ladder on a helicopter in a movie, that looks like so easy to use but it turned out  it’s not), lots of crawling, a few getting thru a very small opening ( where I have to honestly suck up my bulging stomach), a few of rock climbing where you’ll just have to rely on your  rock gripping and teaching your feet to trust the cave edges.

thanks Paul Ferrer for these pictures of me in action🙂




Although the cave is great and fun, I was kinda sad of the thrashy graffitis and I really wished the vandalism would stop. I just don’t understand why would people write their names on the cave walls that is so dark. Sorry but can’t you just write it on your forehead so people would see and read it wherever you go..Argghh..I can’t just tolerate these acts, so irresponsible.Anyway…🙂

We had fun on the spelunking while I satisfied myself also on taking pictures inside.









IMG_2975 IMG_2973




thanks Paulo Ferrer for this picture ^^^^



The action inside the cave have proven that I could do more spelunking thrills in the future.(Because I felt lighter and I can really get through even a small opening inside the cave ! >>translation: I’m losing weight 😀 clap clap on me! hahahahahah) As of this writing, I’m imagining caves in Sagada and Mindanao. Delight!!!🙂

Meantime, for a refreshment after the caving, I had an iced young coconut juice and meat, while my buddies opted for the halu-halo offered in the area.

After our quick snack stop, got hyped up to try the monkey bridge, made of  wire, (strong wire, it better be!). It was really fun, but geez, you gotta have a strong grip and legs to enjoy this fun! hahahaah But honestly, my legs were shaking  while crossing it! hahahahah! true story!😀

Capped our day with swimming and with the cool and fun photoshoot! hahahaha really had fun on that!

I slept on and off on the bus on the way home. coz at the back of my mind, I was praying to get home the fastest I can so I won’t miss my fave Filipino reggae band Brownman Revival’s gig with my 3 sisters😀






I did catch the gig and it was a GREAT night of cool and free-spirited reggae sound and dancing  and being with my sisters and watching your fave band up close and personal!  :)  I made my weekend extraordinary thru ordinary things! yay!❤

changed outfit :p


with Dino,Brownman Revival’s frontman.. awwww! **fangirl mode** ^_^


my fave Filipino reggae band in action!


with my sisses! Thanks Lanie for the treat! until next time😀


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  2. Aisha
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 03:56:12

    Good write-up. I certainly love this website. Keep it up!


  3. emmthepinaytrekker
    Feb 10, 2013 @ 01:45:54

    tnx Aisha! tnx for dropping by!🙂


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