6th summit: Mt. Manalmon


 my first view delights: Madlum River picturesque


masl:196,yes 196 only!

jump-off point: sitio madlum,brgy.sibul,san miguel,bulacan

status: enjoyed trekking on a beautiful day! ^_^


 part 1

After my New Year’s hike in Mt.Tapulao, my first week of the year was spent to personal errands while the succeeding week and some couple of days more were spent in bed, battling colds & coughs, that have prevented me to join 2 climb invites from ivanlakwatsero.com,for Mts. Cristobal and Marami! In as much as I wanted to go, I felt I needed to listen to my body and I think I’ve made a great decision =)

On the 3rd week of January though, I was really itching to just go anywhere to get this shot of travel medicine to feed my wandering spirit, so I signed up for a Sunday free walk tour in Intramuros. But then I was longing for the mountains. I was supposed to tag along a friend’s hike to Mt. Daguldol but for some concerns, it didn’t push thru so I  asked friends of any daytrek by Saturday where I can’t miss my fave Filipino reggae band Brownman Revival’s gig by saturday night and also, where my sunday’s walk tour won’t be affected. hahahahaha. You see, when I’m given the chance, I try to squeeze things in to accomodate different adventures.

Thanks to Aggy for informing me about Niqui’s daytrek at Mt. Manalmon and thanks Niqui for tagging me along. It was a perfect getaway coz I could definitely carry on all my plans! Yay!

I researched a little about the mountain the night before our trek. I found out that the mountain is part of the Biak-na-Bato National Park, a protected area that houses number of caves ( including the Aguinaldo cave, the fortress of our hero Emilio Aguinaldo during his revolution against the Spaniards) and caters to important flora and fauna.

 the rock face


view from the rock face

(Manalmon trekking buddy Paulo doing his shoots)


( Niqui with Mt. Arayat at far center)


Mt. Arayat as seen from the rock face


We met at Baliwag bus station, met new trekking buddies Paulo, Jude and Jun, left Cubao at about 6am and off we went to San Miguel, Bulacan. I fell asleep almost the whole trip to recharge, coz as usual, I didn’t sleep the night before, not because of excitement only but more so of making sure I won’t be left behind😀

We arrived at the jumpoff point in Madlum River at about 9am and the trek started.

The trail was way so easy I can say, and I wanted to just slow it down and take pictures but our guide & the rest of my climbing buddies are way too fast that I always trail ran to catch up. Oh it was fine coz I’ve got the pictures I wanted anyway. heheheh.

It was a beautiful day,and I adored the green lushes and the blue skies presented before me, of course especially when we got to the top of the rock face and the Mt.Manalmon easy peak!

my manalmon trekking buddies


way up to the top


viewdeck delights





The trail and the easy peak of 196 masl is I know boring for the hardcores, but whether you’re a newbie or hardcore in mountaineering, so long  you can appreciate the landscape on 360-degree view, the mountain is perfect. Plus you get to have caving and swimming on the side, now that’s great right?🙂





sadly, the vandalized cave we passed thru at the start of our trek.tsk!


thanks Paulo Ferrer for this “stolen” picture =)

part 2 here >>> Madlum Caving and river picnic

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