4th summit: Mt. Maculot

masl: 706(Rockies)/930 (Summit)

location: Cuenca,Batangas

jump-off point: Brgy.outpost Registration Area(Rockies bound)

status: 2nd mountain to be revenged due to foggy summit

august 2012

Taal Lake on the right at foggy mood



Still feeling high from the adventurous birthday celebration in Mount Bulusan while bumming in my hometown Gubat in Bicol, I got another shot of adrenalin rush when my new climbing buddies in Bulusan invited me to trek Mount Maculot. As soon as Marjee, Ralph and Val told me about it, I never had any inkling of hesitations or second thoughts at all! hahahah =D

I was really excited for it’s my 4th mountain, plus I was really looking forward to have a great clearing that time ( which unfortunately I didn’t have) because of my foggy summits in Mts. Bulusan and Pico de Loro.

Because I was so excited to go, I was quite too early at our meeting place so I just settled myself sitting near the MMDA station across GMA 7 building until I met up with Marjee, Ralph and Val’s running/trekking mates,Julius for the first time. We hopped on Jack’s car, whom I also met the first time,so is Marvin and John,while  Lou and Blue,my new climbing buddies too,joined us later, together with Val and Gary, my climbing buddies in Bulusan.



Without any research nor knowledge about Maculot, I have set my heart to enjoy the trek and the new friends I’ve met, while having an attitude of being too proud to conquer the mountain. I was proud in all honesty coz I’ve already conquered 3 mountains prior to it: 1 is the highest in the country,the other an active volcano while the 3rd is just so-so ( really, really proud here huh?) =D

Until the mountain have proven me wrong and bound me to bow on its grandness forever!

I have literally UNDERESTIMATED the mountain and I admit that for all I care :p

The trail was never gradual and I was presented with a straightforward uphill climb and the steps seem to be designed for long-legged hikers! Ughh. Me and my short legs would have to make a really, really big effort to step and pull up my body. ( I was more heavier then =D  combined with my heavy plus bag: with 3 Liters of liquid on my whole backpack coz I forgot to leave it at Jack’s car while most of them did!)

So I got seriously dizzy and I’m all pale and everything  around me seemed hazy and I felt I just wanted to fall! hahahahah Ok, its not funny at all but seriously, I don’t get this dizzy spells in my life that often. As far as I remember, it only happened twice, when I discovered I was allergic to some medicines and when I was really sick but still have to work. Tsk!

my recovery shot from dizzy spells hehehe😀

because of this,Gary(behind me) took my heavy backpack & lent me his trekking pole. tnx Gary!🙂

tnx Jack Morales for this epic shot hahahah😀


I’m not blaming the mountain here but I admittedly underestimated it really.

This taught me great lessons in mountain climbing: 1.do not ever underestimate a mountain, may it be high or low, with easy or difficult trails, never ever..for every mountain has its own character and trails could be tricky. 2. when doing a dayhike ( and you’re expected to back trail in less than 4 hours, leave unnecessary things! hahahaha

But 2 thumbs-up for me! I didn’t forget to bring my rain gear and I did waterproofed my things! yay! Coz the rain kissed us tenderly! hahahaha😀

Well, I have so  much to learn about mountaineering. And I think I would love to always date this guy named “mountains” to get to know him more!

Above all, the fun and new friends brought sunshine to our rainy and foggy Macurly assault. 😉








Thanks to Jack Morales for the pictures below =)

with Gary & Marjee


the fun & laughter Macurly comrades


our long rest after I got dizzy😀


with Ralph,Lou & Juluis


with Val


with Marjee



the jump! hahahahha





with Jack


foggy it is! will revenge! hahahahha



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