my 1st taste of Mindanao: Davao!

15th Province of the Philippines I’ve visited

Davao del Sur

I have long wanted to go to Mindanao but just didn’t have the courage, even if I was able to grab a piso sale fare ( it was actually about 250pesos with surcharges and taxes, one way). I bought the ticket in mid 2011 with travel time in February 2012. And because I wanted to give up the idea, I didn’t give much attention to it. I only started planning out about the trip just in February,  a couple of weeks before the travel date. And honestly, despite of my desire to explore Mindanao, I think I got almost chicken out by my prejudice and lack of research what this region could offer. But thanks to my ever stressful job in the call center industry for pushing me to go! What a great adventure I had been from the first day I set foot in Mindanao until I came back for backpacking solo and scaling the highest point of the Philippines, the grandfather of all mountains in the country, Mount Apo.

my first day glimpse of Davao


city glimpse at night


first trek at Eden Nature Park


in one of the gardens of  Eden nature park


I touched down on a rainy afternoon so I just had my very late lunch, searched for a hostel and wandered downtown until night time.

The following day, I did a few side trips near Davao City, went to Eden nature park in Toril and trekked the place,which is actually at the foot of Mt. Talomo. If my desire to climb mountains hit me that time,I could have scaled Mt.Talomo right there and then, but things really happen at its own perfect time.

Hit the nearest park after lunch, felt the city, tasted Durian,  and had dinner at Jack Ridge with an overlooking view of the city at night.

first taste of durian, the foul-odored but with nice taste local fruit


city park

DSC05816 DSC05821 DSC05832

But what gave me the rush was the river water rafting the following day. its actually one of  my wild wishlists.  I’ve been dreaming of doing it for so long..and I always wanted to do it since high school..

because I’m solo, the adventure staff  got me in a group. we water rafted for 3 hours, with an alternate of easy and hard paddling. learned rafting 101 if you fall: go with the flow..face the current so you would see the obstacles ahead..keep you feet up..relax..

 7 8

9 10

11 13




18 19

20 22




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. albertthebackpacker
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 09:12:58

    White water rafting in Davao is a long plan, na di matuloy… This blog inspired me again to push my long plan to experince white water rafting Davao, then Cagayan de Oro,


  2. emmthepinaytrekker
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 11:09:25

    tnx sir Albert for dropping by ^_^ go for it! super saya sya hehehe


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