2nd summit: Mt.Bulusan

masl: 1565

location: Bulusan, Sorsogon

jump-off point: Bulusan Lake

status: to be revenged due to foggy summit

july 2012


Mount Bulusan is just almost 40 minutes away from my hometown I could drive a motorbike going there but I just never had the chance or maybe interest to explore it before. So this was my first to climb it to celebrate my birthday differently for the very first time too!

The mountain, which is an active volcano by the way, has been closed to public  for a while due to its volcanic tantrums . I’ve been following its status to carry out my climbing plan. So when it opened for climbing adventures in June 2012, I was really excited to trek it but just don’t how coz I’m surely don’t wanna go there solo.

Got an answered prayer when I happen to meet my FB friends/town mates,couple Jun Mar & Sara for the first time, after attending a mass in my hometown, Gubat. They told me about the day trek the following day, July 23,my birthday.

Without any hesitations, coz I knew it’s my chance, I told them I’ll tag along..

Without my trekking shoes (left in Davao unfortunately), without my trekking things ( left in Manila coz I didn’t expect to climb in Bicol), I was too excited to go! yay!




At about 4 AM, town mates Jun Mar and Gary ( whom I met the 1st time) and I hit the road, each drive a motorbike.

When we got there, I had a quick moment with the Bulusan lake =), and met new great friends, Marjee, Myn, Val, Ambet and Ralph, our climbing buddies. We were the 4th batch to climb the volcano and I was the 92nd climber. hehehehhe.

We started trekking by around 6.30 AM. The trail wasn’t that difficult but I was just not comfortable without my trekking shoes. Tsk!

By 10 AM, we reached the almost dried Aguingay lake, only a small part of it has water.

From here, the peak is nowhere in sight for it’s covered with thick fog.

After lunch at 12 noon, Val,Ambet and I, together with our guide Kuya Narciso, assaulted the summit, while the rest just remained in the tiny nipa hut in Aguingay.

While on the way up, we were quickly given a good clearing enough to see the Aguingay Lake and the mountain across, the one that can be seen if you’re from Bulusan Lake.

After almost 2 and a half hours, we reached the peak.

Sadly, there was no longer a good clearing for us to see the crater. The whole viewdeck is fogged up.

I promised the volcano I shall come back to marvel its beauty from above.





the Aguingay Lake




We didn’t stay long at the peak coz we need to backtrail and be at the base camp at least before nightfall. Again, the trail was manageable but my lady shoes made it harder for me to walk that I slipped & fell down a couple of times but good thing nothing serious happened. hehehehe

At 6 pm we were still on trails. My first to experience night trekking and to be quite honest, I was already dragging myself just to be able to reach the base camp. It was by the way my first also to day trek.

Exhausted and hungry, I really pushed myself to finish it once and for all. As if I have a choice right? hahahahah

Finally able to reach Bulusan Lake at about 8 pm. It was a great  tiring adventurous way of celebrating a birthday but the experience was all worth it! Not only my patience was tested, it was overall a lot of firsts for me and I knew lots of mountains will be day & night trekked moving forward and I can’t wait to explore them all! =)





DSC07016 DSC07017 DSC07018 DSC07019






2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marjee
    Jan 16, 2013 @ 09:18:07

    cowabunga! 😉


  2. emmthepinaytrekker
    Jan 16, 2013 @ 15:56:15

    hahhaahha Thanks sis! =)


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