the Enchanted River

22nd Province of the Philippines I’ve visited – Surigao Del Sur in Hinatuan

6th leg  of my 16-day solo backpacking Mindanao

March 2012

part 2



the most beautiful, mesmerizing river I’ve seen so far and I think  its the best in the country! its really enchanting how this river, a mixture of salt & fresh water maintains its crystal bluish clear water. According to the resort staff, professional divers were just able to dive and explore 40 meters in 2010 and there are other tunnels unexplored & no one has ever done it so far.


the bluer the color,the deeper the water is, the more mysterious it must be! the rock wall is somewhat visible, and with goggles on, its like a big blue,very clear aquarium underneath!

From Tinuy-an Falls, I went back to Bislig to go to Hinatuan, where the mystical river is located. I say mystical coz it was the first thing I felt when I first saw it on pictures and that hypnotized me to see it up close! The almost an hour single motorcycle rough road ride ( again) was bearable if you’re about to see something like this sight.

While on the way, I tried to shake off any expectations and tried to cheat myself I haven’t seen the river even in pictures. And I guess it worked out coz as soon as I got inside the gate, I ran the fastest I can to the river, and got magically glued to its mesmerizing beauty!

I behold it feeling so enchanted to say the least! Honestly, I got a little scared I’m might be hypnotized or something for as I look into the bluer part of the river, which is the deeper one, I felt its mystery and just wanted to be out of its reach yet can’t keep my eyes, mind and heart away from it,seriously.

I excitedly changed clothes to get a dip and put on a life vest ( my personal magic to instantly remove my fear of deep water) and literally rushed into it.

Experiencing the river really up close added to the mysticism I felt or maybe it’s just the cold water, I don’t know.

But I observed that it’s not just me feeling that way as I hear other tourists say how they feel about it while crowding the shallow sides of the river.

I also noticed amongst the crowd,there’s  just a very few brave ones swimming and crossing the bluer part up to the other side for trust me, the sight is just overwhelming for me, it’s like something down there is watching! hahahahaha me and my mind imaginations!


the shallow part




the still unexplored river cave

But what gave me goosebumps is when the resort played some hypnotic music it seems for me at 12noon and at 3 pm, and people moved out of the water immediately because various and mostly large fishes came out from somewhere underneath for their ritual feeding sessions.

I told you I felt something is watching down under the waters and yes, it’s these large fishes serenely living on the very clear aquarium below! hahahahha

According to the bodyguard on duty, it has been a ritual in the resort to feed these fishes as an offering, where these fishes are  believed to be the real owners and protector of the place, for they live with the world of  “Encanto”, a dimension where unseen fairies and spirits and dwarfs are in and its at 12nn & 3pm  where they come out to be in the human world.

With swimming goggles on, they’re even more mesmerizing to look at, a different feeling I had compared to my other snorkeling sprees.





another experience was when you put goggles on, underneath the bluest crystal clear water is like you’re looking on a very deep ravine that actually gave me a feeling like I might fall down, a feeling I never experience when I’m on top of Mt.Apo or a very high building.

how I wish I have an underwater or waterproof camera to capture what’s down there below.

but overall, what an enchanting experience it was!




6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 06:21:03

    Super ganda. ..ruby


  2. lovemindanao
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 11:29:25

    E.R. is ever forever beautiful… truly enchanting 😀


  3. emmthepinaytrekker
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 17:38:05

    truly! my fave ever.swerte mo, lapit lang sayo Love ^_^ ei tnx for dropping by =)


  4. Jake
    Apr 19, 2013 @ 23:23:33

    maganda siya, sobrang ganda gaya nang pag katuklas dito, pero pag dating ng panahon ganun pa rin ba yan kaganda dahil naaabuso na nang mga tao. para sa mga namamahala nyan mag isip kayo hindi lahat ng bagay sa mundo dapat abusuhin ng mga tao. ilang taon, araw oras lang puro na yan kalat at basura gaya ng ibang magagandang lugar na inabuso ng tao. para sa lahat ng makakabasa nito isipin nyo kung tama ba ko oh mali.


    • emmthepinaytrekker
      Apr 24, 2013 @ 11:25:43

      agree ako sayo Sir Jake.tnx for droppng by.. i really hope mamaintain ang kalinisan sa lugar..maging mapanuri tayong mga turista din para magising at maremind mga nsa management nito.cheers! ^_^


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