Tinuy-an Falls

Province of the Philippines I’ve visited

22nd – Surigao Del Sur in Bislig City

6th leg  of my 16-day solo backpacking Mindanao

part 1


the little Niagara Falls of Philippines

I arrived in Bislig City in the late afternoon, found a place to stay at Mangagoy,and roamed around like locals until I tired myself and  rested early feeling over excited about the beauty I shall behold the following day.

Destination is the Tinuy-an Falls in Burboanan, an almost 1 hour  motorbike rough road ride from Bislig. Locals said the place was once within a deep forest where local tourists have to really trek their way going to the falls, thus the name Tinuy-an, a local word which means to purposely visit. Nowadays, the place is easily accessible minus the trekking and forested trails, but you’ll still have to purposely go there by braving the very bumpy & dusty single motorbike ride unless you bring your own car coz there’s no regular public transport going that way.


a wooden bridge on the way

Arrived finally at the gorgeous sight and may I say, it was really breathtaking! Man, the widest falls  I’ve seen ever and as far I know,the only one in the country with its trait. It’s three-tiered, 95 meters wide and plunges 55 meters high! To look at it from a distance is breathtaking, to get near it is just so incredible!


rainbow below


a taste of the refreshing water


1st & 2nd tiers


down below, a look from the top of 3rd tier


see those peeps at the far left end of the falls?

I tagged along some groups to really see it up close & personal . Magnifico!

The experience was just more than amazing!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. French Quezon
    May 10, 2014 @ 14:41:29

    Pa grab po ng isang photo. Thank you🙂 (papaalam lang)


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