Surf ‘n Skim in Gubat

still on my 1st & fave province: Sorsogon in Gubat


gubat bay surfers

(photo courtesy: Paula Peralejo)

I didn’t know my hometown caters a great spot to wave riders until I went home last 2012. Indeed, a new great thing always unfolds around the corner no matter how many times I’ve visited my hometown.

I used to fear the enormous waves along the bays of Buenavista and Ariman,that stretches until Rizal beach,located in barangay Rizal where I grew up. For all I know, tourists never dare to swim along the Buenavista & Ariman bays because of these big waves. In fact, signs warning of dangerous place to swim & swim at your own risk are in place on these areas to ward off tourists and locals.

I’m still not a fan of big,big waves, but I appreciated its beauty when I started observing them for days and days  while my home townmates playfully ride on them.

Thanks to Noli Mercader, the president/co-founder of the local-based group Gubat Bay Surfers Inc. for briefing me about the surf basics. and thanks to co-founder Bidge Villarroya for bringing surfing in Gubat bay.

as of this writing,a summer camp will be held come March 27 – 31, 2013 to showcase surfing and skimboarding.

as for me, I have yet to perfect my swimming skills before I risk riding on these waves. Yes! I can’t really swim swim! I still fear deep water when I don’t have life vest on. and yes, I still fear big big waves despite of my appreciation of it. its this trauma thing of being almost got drowned twice so that explain.

as for you, who likes flirting with these waves, please do contact Noli at

(+63)905-242-1693 ,surf up and be stoked!

for those who won’t dare, settle like me on watching the daredevils do their wave stunts or better yet, catch the beautiful sunrise or sunset by the beach.



(photo courtesy: Jojo Pauly)


(photo courtesy: Jojo Pauly)


Journeying James on board (photo courtesy: Jojo Pauly)


(photo courtesy: Paula Peralejo)


(photo courtesy: Paula Peralejo)


Intok, one of the locals/surfer-member of Gubat bay Surfers Inc.

(photo courtesy: Paula Peralejo)


(photo courtesy: Paula Peralejo)



(photo courtesy: Paula Peralejo)


(photo courtesy: Paula Peralejo)


(photo courtesy: Jojo Pauly)



note: most photos were taken during our book sharing project in Sept. 2012, where 40+ volunteers from Manila, including Paula Peralejo, Journeying James & Jojo Pauly,  traveled to Gubat to bring books, volunteer & witness the opening of our bayanihan library project that they have supported. story in

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jamil
    Jan 08, 2013 @ 09:16:45

    great blog. thanks for sharing our place to everyone! =)

    btw, here are some more photos of the place i took last year.


    Jan 08, 2013 @ 12:00:20

    hi Jamil! thanks for the appreciation & for dropping by! yap,checked out the photos and glad u feel the same way about this Gubat surfing..astig db? =)


  3. Anonymous
    Jan 08, 2013 @ 21:33:10

    wow ang sarap mag surf!!
    Bicol din ang province namin at dyan din sa Gubat!
    Nice meron pala nyan! IPupuntahan ko sya sa summer.
    Thanks for the info.


    Jan 08, 2013 @ 23:07:58

    kabayan!hehehe.yap,dont miss it pag uwi mo ng Gubat =) tnx for dropping by!


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