5th summit:Mt.Tapulao

26th province of the Philippines I’ve visited: Zambales in Palauig & Iba

masl: 2037

location: Palauig,Zambales

jump-off point:brgy.Dampay-Salaza

status: 3rd summit to be revenged due to foggy peak

January 1,2013


backpacking continued from https://emmthepinaytrekker.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/crazy-over-hundred-islands-in-alaminos/

To continue our cheap New Year backpacking trip w/ travel buddy Arisse, from the hundred islands, off we went to Paluig, Zambales, the next province I first set foot at.. my 25th province! horrah!

Our original IT is to leave Alaminos by 12nn so we reach Sitio Salaza, the jumpoff place of Mt.Tapulao, before nightfall.

However,since we were crazy about the hundred islands, we were able to leave Alaminos at almost 3pm..We took a bus bound for & got off Sta.Cruz,still in Pangasinan. From there, we took another bus & got off at a highway waiting shed in  Dampay-Salaza in Palauig at almost 8pm!!

We were really off our schedule and there’s not a single tricycle in sight that will take us from the highway,it’s about 8 kilometers, to the Registration Area and we needed to be there that night..We of course were aware about our security but we know the universe is conspiring with us by then =) ( was very positive in here)

We thought we really need to contact someone around the area so from the highway waiting shed, we saw peeps at the Zameco I ( more like the Meralco station/office) and chatted with the night duty guards about our dilemna.

No one from them of course wanted to bring us to Sitio Salaza, not only its nightime but also the 8 kms. way is rough road! arghhh!

This was the moment I thought about contacting Brgy.Kagawad Alfonso Dalit..I read & copied his info at pinoymountaineer.com’s blog about Mt.Tapulao..so in case,this could be of help for u too!

(1) Tourism Officer (Eliza Badak) – 09097247413
(2) Brgy. Kagawad (Alfonso Dalit) – 09075694584

I contacted them early on while still in Alaminos,but i guess they’re busy bcoz of the holidays so I got no reply..

Later on,we found out we’re the only hikers that day..hooray to us Arisse! Mt.Tapulao is all ours! hahahahah

Unfortunately, we both don’t have cellphone loads to contact him but the kind Sir Ernie of Zameco lent us his CP & I was able to speak w/ Kag.Dalit..He contacted a tryke driver who will bring us to the registration area..

We reached the area at about 8.45pm.

The kind couple tatay & nanay beth accomodated us at the registration area.

As for us two crazy-new-year-adventurers, we rested our tired body & soul to regain strength for the long trek come new year’s day…

Coz its a loooonnggggg rocky road of 18 kilometers to highest peak!!!!!!!!!!!


with our guide,bobby ( the only available guide we can get on New Year’s day)


 w/ new year’s trek buddy,the trail runner Arisse (made me really, really decided to lose weight)

We woke up at 2am,had heavy breakfast of rice,noodles,egg & coffee & biscuits..At this moment, I was thinking about the foodies I’ve missed but then I was humbled by the situation..I felt i was one with the hungry people all over the world..not a drama,true story =)

so we started our trek at 3:30am, just the 3 of us,with our guide,bobby..



The moon was great. The stars are all smiling at me, I felt..hahahah

In other words, the universe was with us!

And off we trekked the loonnggg, rocky rough road, gradually taking us to the highest peak..




headed to that peak


obviously can’t get enough with the pines


Again,its 18 kilometers trek on a loonggg,rocky rough road! It does challenged me physically,esp. I cant keep up with the super fast trekker Arisse & our guide bobby..and let me say this, I was already all DRENCHING with my sweats and YET,this 2 are like still fresh from the shower!arghhhh..how come?!hahahah

I never minded the 18 kms & almost 6 hrs of trekking up to the peak  coz the climb was so great!!

you see, its really about the CLIMB!

i love the pine trees & their smell! hmmm..

i love the cold breeze and I felt I wanted to sleepwalk coz I really really wanted to rest & just sleep there under the pine trees with the cool temperature.

i love the mountains and the great views!








Almost everything is awesome despite of not having a clearing when we got to the top..

but then again, it was the climb..

of course, I was sad coz i didnt had a good clearing when i got to the summit,and quite disappointed coz its added to my revenge climbs..( i dont like to revenge actually)

pictures at the foggy summit

DSC09858 DSC09866 DSC09869 DSC09879 DSC09886

but again,it was the climb..

what a great adventure to start my 2013!

tnx travel/trek buddy Arisse for everything!

so we trekked back by 12nn and reached the registration area by past 3pm.

whoahhh! thats 36 kilometers ALL in all! wahhhh.i said sorry to my feet and I promised them i will lose weight this 2013 so Ill be more lighter =)

but in fairness,kudos to my knees!they were both enthusiastic! hahahah

we left the reg.area by 4pm and since we are on a tight budget, we trekked the another 8 kms going to the highway road!hahahah beat that!this time,with our backpacks!

after an almost 7 kms roughroad walking, we were able to hitched on a tryke to the highway for almost 1 km only..hahahhahaha..in life, u really cant have it all, says the universe..hahaha

we went back to the Zameco guard peeps and warmly they’ve allowed us to use the office conference room’s CR for us to change clothes and yes, they’ve allowed us to hitchhike to Iba, Zambales and from there we took the almost 6 hrs bus travel back to manila….

home finally at 1am..life is a great adventure indeed!

happy new year!!




6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Jan 08, 2013 @ 12:41:50

    nc view


  2. emmthepinaytrekker.wordpress.com
    Jan 08, 2013 @ 13:47:09

    it is! & i super like it =) tnx for dropping by =)


  3. lezter
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 10:11:17

    nice pix,
    mam we’re climbing mt. tapulao this comming holy week, i’ve heard the fare on tricycle there is very expensive.. do you have a contact on the tricycle or the guard that help you… tnx


    • emmthepinaytrekker
      Mar 14, 2013 @ 16:35:28

      hi Lezter! wow thats great! enjoy the views and the pines! ^_^ i think the tryke fare is just reasonable,250 one way,coz its 8 kms stretch of rough road plus there’s not much regular passengers going in there.so if u are a group of 4,u can split the 250..pls do contact these persons: (1) Tourism Officer (Eliza Badak) – 09097247413
      (2) Brgy. Kagawad (Alfonso Dalit) – 09075694584.sir Dalit made the tryke arrangment for us. for more info,reach pinoy mountaineer’s post>> http://www.pinoymountaineer.com/2007/08/mt-tapulao-2037.html. thanks for dropping by! ^_^


  4. lezter
    Mar 20, 2013 @ 00:17:28

    mam we are students, so i’m trying to make the fare less expensive if possible,,🙂 i’ll just contact them if they can get me a contact for a jeepney or trike..🙂
    tnx mam


    • emmthepinaytrekker
      Mar 20, 2013 @ 12:24:19

      hi sir Lezter..if i were u,travel early going to palauig..then just walk going to jumpoff..its only 8 kls..good practice..we did it coming back.its advisable to just walk there at daytime para safer for the students..keep safe! ^_^


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