Pangasinan: the historical Lingayen

25th province of the Philippines I’ve visited – Pangasinan in Lingayen


My brother is getting married soon and a new baby is coming too!

So we had this “pamamanhikan”, ( a Filipino tradition where the groom and his family and relatives pays his fiancee a visit to formally ask her family’s blessings; this is where both families discuss about the wedding details as well) in lingayen,pangasinan,at her wife-to-be’s place.

It wasn’t really the traditional “asking of the woman’s family’s blessing”. It was more of 2 families getting together, bonding and just having fun!

Of course,what can you expect from me! Sidetrips….Sidetrips..

You see, whenever I get to a certain place for some personal reasons or by chance, I never fail to take time and get to know the place by doing sidetrips..

My reason,I’m in the place anyway so why not explore and take chances, right?

What’s more greater, I don’t need to pay for my trip and foodies bcoz it’s already provided coz of the whole family’s trip.yey! super like!😀

So we got to see the capitol plaza in Lingayen, the WWII landing memorial site in Lingayen gulf and the Lingayen beach of course!



the provincial capitol


I’ve never been to the province of Pangasinan, can u imagine my great excitement when this happened? just awesome right?!

and yes, its my 25th province of 80 in the Philippines, so 56 to go!! hahahahaha.almost there! hehehe

I’m grateful to my brother’s “pamamanhikan” stint bcoz i got to travel for free! yey! cheers for happy travelling! =)

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