Crazy over Hundred Islands in Alaminos

25th province of the Philippines I’ve visited – Pangasinan in Alaminos!

December 2012


view deck

So to grab the chance of being in Pangasinan,my 25th province, how could I not resist the calling of the hundred islands when I’ve been dreaming of this place for so long?

If it’ll make me hitchhike getting there,ill do it! =)


  After the picnic w/ my bro’s wife-to-be’s family,my family headed back to Manila by 6pm.
‘While as for me,I got on a bus bound for Alaminos to stay overnight. This wouldn’t be possible without my sponsors..hahahah.

How I really wish to be a full-time blogger so I can just travel & write, and work will be just like playing all the time. I’m gonna be like that one of these days, just like my idols.. =)

At last,I arrived in Alaminos at 9pm from Lingayen. Found a place courtesy of my bro & took a nap.

I woke up at 4:45am coz of excitement =D even though I’ll have to meet my travel buddy, Arisse at 8am.

You see, I’m supposed to travel solo coz I thought who would want to join my “anti-social” way of celebrating new year, right?

Oh please don’t get me wrong, I’m a very sociable person, and I like being with people..

It’s just that I’m fed up already of just eating,drinking,partying,sleeping,doing nothing during holidays. Not only that, you see, I worked at the call center for almost 6 years! yes,  6 years and that only means, I got to work during Christmas & New year while the whole world is enjoying the holidays! Ok fine,I’m not the only one doing it coz there are thousands working in the call center industry here in Philippines so we get to share the same life =)

So I thought of inviting some travel buddies, not only those who can resist the parties,booze & foodies during the new year celeb,but also who can split on the trip’s expenses. Obviously, I’m on a really, really tight budget. I’ve already made a pact to myself that I will be walking most of the time, take hitchhikes, no eating great foods, drooling for things I can’t buy and maybe sleep on the street (literallly like a bum).

All just for the sake of visiting hundred islands! hahahaha

Anyway..I thank you travel buddy Arisse for responding to my “distress” call.hahahahaha

By 9am,we headed off to Lucap wharf, the jump off point for the famous hundred islands national park!
When we got there,the very first thing we did is to inquire about the island tour..The cheapest tour was worth 800php, and since we were on a very tight budget, we asked the register lady to find us a group where we can join so we can split the fee at the most lowest share ever. hahahah

This was the moment I really, really wish to have lots of cash on hand but then, I wanted to remind myself all the time that we can actually travel and explore for free or at least on very very minimal budget. We were able to join a family from Baguio whom we’ve shared the fee..Thanks ate,tina & baby kylie!

Finally, off we went to the almost 120+ islands!


my travel buddy angel Arisse =)


our hundred islands’ co-trippers from Baguio(2nd from left: Tin, Ate & Kylie)


more cute shapes of islands


Quezon Island: main island with facilities


these are the empty shells of my-arm-length giant clams we’ve seen during our snorkeling


Up close & personal minus snorkeling

a very good facility for those who can’t snorkel


We got to see up close & personal some bigger islands, snorkeled to see giant clams where I actually feared it would eat me whole hahahhaa.

my first in hundred islands..

my first to see giant,as in giant Clams!!

beach bummed at the powdery sand of the children’s & lopez islands, not on summer, but on 12.31.12!!

snorkeled like crazy…

marveled the seas at its awesomeness!

Thank you life for this great adventure!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Manong Unyol
    Jan 03, 2013 @ 10:12:10

    nice ang ganda nman jan.. kailan kaya ako magagawi jan🙂


    Jan 03, 2013 @ 11:11:22

    hello sir.tnx for dropping by! super ganda sir =) yakang-yaka mong pumunta jan.ikaw pa =)


  3. Love Ko Anawangin
    Dec 12, 2013 @ 11:37:10

    Thank you for sharing this Emm. It’s a great way for tourists to have a birds eye view. BTW: there’ll be great changes in this place and hope to finish before summer of 2014. Recently, nipas have been eroded and will be replaced by more stable edifice.

    Great blog!


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