more Camiguin sidetrips!

19th Province of the Philippines I’ve visited

 Camiguin Island

3rd leg of  my 16-day solo backpacking Mindanao

March 2012

After basking on the white sandbar, I headed off to satisfy my curiosity about this Sunken Cemetery. Never in my life I’ve seen one, have you?🙂 This was a century-old cemetery submerged by the volcanic eruption in the island. The area now is marked with a big  cross. Under water around the area are the once tombs that are now home for corals and fishes.


Sunken Cemetery

From here, to add excitement to my day tour, I drove the motorbike myself while the driver/owner  is worrying to death if I can really handle the driving. hahahhaha poor dude😀

I do drive a motorbike and I want to experience it in Camiguin. Besides, I’ll be in control where to stop and where to go. So this was my first stop and just marveled the view.


Then off to the 3rd falls I’ve seen so far in my life, the Katibawasan Falls…


To finish my day, went to Ardent Hot spring for a hot dip and stayed there for a night. Its actually at the foot of Mt. Hibok-Hibok and I thought I could squeeze in trekking the lovely mountain at my itinerary but I need to be in the Mt. Apo expedition as the highlight of my backpacking so I’m at the mercy of my strict IT😀


I had a great night staying here and in as much as i wanted to stay to explore more the island, i needed to go but I will surely come back here to conquer the mountains of Camiguin =)



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