3rd summit: sweet revenged Pico de Loro ( Mt. Palay-Palay)


thanks to Jonas for taking the picture)

8 (photo courtesy of Dens Lara)


(photo courtesy: ivanlakwatsero.com)

masl: 664

location: Ternate, Cavite

jump-off point:DENR station

status: trekked 2x, revenged due to foggy summit

July & December 2012

I trekked this beautiful mountain  last July 2012 but unfortunately, it was a foggy day then so we weren’t able to see anything from the summit. More so, we weren’t able to assault the monolith anymore since there’s no clearing anyway..But finally, i had my sweet revenge! yehey! I reached the summit and  the difficult & dangerous assault of monolith and the view way sooo PERFECT! yey! finally, it’s off my list.awesome! =)

Thanks to ivanlakwatsero.com for tagging me along =)

the beautiful spots I savored while on top of Peak 1 &  the monolith…


(photo courtesy: ivanlakwatsero.com)


(photo courtesy: Dens Lara)



this was the reason of the need to take revenge =)




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