Iligan City: where the magnificent Tinago and Maria Christina Falls are found

17th Province of the Philippines I’ve visited

Lanao del Norte in Iligan City

1st leg of my 16-day solo backpacking Mindanao!

March 2012


Tinago Falls

This blog site was created purposely to document my solo backpacking in Mindanao: my first in all places (except Davao city coz its my 2nd).

However,since I was never a blogger really, I found it hard how and where to start. hahahahahūüėÄ

Well, its better¬†late than never right?¬† So can you think about my tons of backlogs? But now at least I know a little how to postūüėÄ I’ m really taking a turtle step but I am soo positive I’ll get there.


This was my first destination. With an itinerary on hand, landed on CDO for the very first time as well, shared a cab with a stranger bound to the terminal bound for Iligan City.  I took an FX going to the city for almost 2 hours due to the under-repair highway. Then took a public jeepney bound for Brgy. Ditucalan. From there,  I rented a habal-habal ( local term for single motorbike) for 150 pesos to the Tinago Falls jumpoff. When I got there, registered and trekked to the spot.

Tinago¬†( Tagalog term for hidden) Falls is literally hidden, true to its name. Its located on¬†a deep spot that you’ll need to take the installed concrete stairways to go down. but please don’t under estimate these steps going up if you’re not used to climbing mountains coz it actually made me lost my breath several times. But taking a slow pace and lots of stops made me to the top later.hehehhe


The next thing I saw was the bluish water that really thrilled me. This is the very first natural falls I’ve seen ever so can u think the great excitement I had. It’s so awesome!


Getting even closer was sooo overwhelming!


From here, I took another habal-habal going to Maria Christina falls. I have longed to visit her since I was a kid. I remember this being taught to us in elementary history and culture as one of the famous landmarks in the Philippines.


Finally I have marveled on her but just got disappointed because the public can’t go near to touch and savor her water due to the very, very strong water falls. It’s now used to generate electricity instead. She’s so near yet so distant alright but the beauty is classic =)

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