all my bags are NOT yet packed but im soooo ready to go =D

i had saturday shift from 8pm to 5am..i was in the office but my mind & soul is imagining monday would come fast.hehehe.ive read pages in the net about mountains,backpacking,gears,travel blogs,then back to mountains,mt apo,mindanao then back to travel blogs again,until i decided to stop and thought,hmmm,ill make my own stories too!!

came home today,sunday,at 6am..i couldnt sleep..ate at 11am..tried to get some sleep at 12nn..just had 1 & a half sleep untl i realized i forgot to wash my trekking slippers and walking shoes..wahhhh! i got up and washed them & prayed they will dry before 4am tomorrow!hahahah.

I still couldnt thoughts are running how I will pack LIGHT for my 2 wk backpacking in mindanao..Im used to bringing  “my home” every time I motto: be i bring almost all of my things so i wont have to wash during travels,and use the things i need at all occasions during travels..hahaha..beat that! ala paris hilton..nyahh..except that my things are just humbly simple and i just wash & wear them..hahaha..check my different travel pictures, my outfits are always the same! very practical when it comes to clothes and things..but i spend more for my travels..heheh..trip ko lng..heheh

anyway,back to packing light..if my motto before is be prepared, now, I have to push myself to change my motto into: PACK LIGHT!

yes,I havent packed my things yet! but im sooo ready to go! i just cant wait…..

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